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Why Olive Tours?

Most tours in the wine country focus on, well, wines! But there’s another fruit in the Napa/Sonoma valleys that has inspired the passion of farmers, vintners, and local families: the olive. In fact, the boutique olive oil industry is now where the wine industry was in the 1960s-a small cottage industry.

There are wonderful old-world olive orchards and private olive estates with breathtaking views that are options for Great Olive Tours. These are private, appointment-only visits where buses and limousines cannot take you.

We have been written up by the SF Chronice, Bon Apetit, the LA Times, Napa Valley Register, and a letter to the editor of the New York Times - for these and many others, click on Rave Reviews

Great Olive Tours are customized for those who:

Prefer a personal, exclusive, and special experience.
Want to know how to evaluate and buy olive oils.
Want to learn more about the new “passion for olive oil” culture.
Are interested in pairing olive oil with foods.
Want an olive tour coupled with an off the beaten track private wine-tasting tour.

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