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About Your Host

Your host, Carol Ainsworth, loves all things olive!

She lives in the Napa Valley and started Great Olive Tours because of her own passion for this special fruit and her enthusiasm for sharing it with others. She set out to design a tour that is different from all other choices, and she insists on keeping it small. So she collaborates with some local families who produce award-winning olive oil and makes special arrangements to take her groups on “real-deal” visits.

Carol keeps at least seven different olive oils in her pantry, using them for cakes, cookies, brownies, tarts, and ice cream, as well as for savory dishes.

And her passion for olive oil is coupled with knowledge. She learned to evaluate olive oils at the University of California Food Sciences Department at Davis, and at Napa Valley College.

Let her share her enthusiasm with you for a very special and unforgettable experience in the wine country!

Carol has partnered with:

CIA Greystone

Viviani, Inc

Benchpark Destination Management, inc

Back Roads Adventures

Napa Valley Bike Tours

PRA Destination Management

Ultimate Fishing Charters

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