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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Great Olive Tours a licensed tours operator?
Yes, Great Olive Tours is in full compliance of the law under the PUC of the state of California. Sightseeing Permit TCP017391-S.

Will the tour be just our group, or will there be other people?

The tour is for your group only. There will be no other guests.

What kind of touring car will we be in?

The touring car is a Mercedes sedan that seats three comfortably. It can seat up to four guests if one person sits in a middle seat. (If your group is larger than four people, we can discuss other options.)

Do you do tours that are less than all day?

Yes, tours are arranged to meet your needs. There is a three hour minimum, and most tours are 4 hours/half a day.

What do we do on a tour besides tasting olive oil?

You’ll experience the whole world of olives! Options Include:

Tour Beautiful Private Estates and Historic buildings.
See the methods for pressing and crushing olives using Italian equipment.
Discuss food and olive oil pairings.
Learn how to evaluate olive oils. For example, do you know that color has nothing to do with quality? What makes an olive oil defective? And “extra virgin”? Do you know that a late harvest oil tastes very different from one that’s harvested early? And what do different olive cultivars (varieties) taste like?
By special arrangement: your day may include lunch at one of the private estates with lovely vistas.

What if I want a wine and olive oil tour? Can I do both on your tour?

Absolutely! Since we customize our tours to fit your preferences, we easily provide both wine and olive oil tours. For example, a number of boutique vintners also produce high quality olive oil, so a tour can be arranged to taste both products. And though there are obvious differences, the method of tasting olive oils and tasting wines are similar.

What are sample tours and what do they cost?

Some of the family properties we visit are truly breathtaking. Their orchards, architecture, landscaping, and vistas will make you think you’re in Italy or France!

These small-family producers make artisan, award-winning olive oils, and are not open to the public.

If you wish, your tour may also include visits private olive estates that also produce fine red and white wines.

A half-day tour, including some of the itinerary of a full-day, costs $75.00 per hour (not per person) for up to four guests, and does not include per capita site fees or lunch.

Why would I choose your tour for $75.00 per hour when there are less expensive tours in the wine country that I can take?

Great Olive Tours is a unique and exclusive experience. In fact, it’s the only tour of its kind! In addition, you ride in a luxury sedan with your own party. THe properties we visit are exclusive to Great Olive Tours - We go places that other tour companies do not or cannot go. And your tour is customized for you. In addition, your host is an educated, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable source of information; she’s not just your driver.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, Great Olive Tours accepts Visa and Mastercard.

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